The Story of Rock Pile

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In my earlier post, I showed photos of a rock structure whose purpose was unknown to me. In response to the photos, I received an email from one of the residents.

I know about the rock pile.  If you walk along the earth dam you can see several spots where water has overflowed that dam during high water events, erosion causing gouges and potentially breaches.  The hole filled with rocks is lower, larger and deeper than the others, having been helped along by boaters for the convenience of easier access.  My neighbors put down the rock in hopes of reinforcing that weakness.

It’s my thinking that preventing damage to the earth dam is one of several reasons why discovering a more reliable method for regulating the water level is a good idea, along with damage to Pond Rd, … and the stability of the ecosystem.

This email was significant in many ways: I was delighted to find out what those rocks were for; I was happy to bring out this issue to our awareness, along with the behind-the-scene effort by some residents. But what touched me most was personal. In our first encounter, I did not believe this contributor’s claim that canoes and kayaks were causing damage to the pond’s ecosystem. How could such gentle activity cause so much damage in just one month out of a year? (The rest of the year the pond is covered with lily pads or ice.)

With this explanation, I now know how wrong I was. This finding was humbling and inspiring. I am extremely grateful to this resident for sharing this story. I have a feeling there are many more.

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