Video Screening Dates and Locations

I am very pleased to announce the locations and dates of the final video screening. Below is a short description of the event. (Read more about it in the full description and previous post)

Catskill Center and Center for Photography at Woodstock present Yankeetown Pond Project, a video by Bearsville artist Keiko Sono, chronicling her public art project that highlights the area residents’ deep connection with the pond. Originally planned as a community time-lapse production with a straightforward question, “Is the pond changing into a bog?” the project was soon turned upside down by a resident protestor. This encounter led the project through transformation, just as the pond itself is constantly being reshaped by beavers, weather, and human interactions, resulting in the story of Yankeetown Pond as a complex and fascinating ecosystem of which humans are an integral part.

The video will be screened at two locations, December 10 at Catskill Center in Arkville, and December 16 at Center for Photography at Woodstock. Each screening will be followed by a talk, in which Sono will share her experience, with plenty of practical suggestions for artists and activists interested in working with the community.

Video Screening Schedule

5:30–7pm, Thursday, December 10

Catskill Center, Arkville

6–7:30pm, Wednesday, December 16

Center for Photography at Woodstock

Concurrent Exhibition

December 6 through December 20

Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center

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