Introduction at Wittenberg Sportsmen’s Club Meeting

Keiko Sono introducing the project at the monthly club meeting. Also pictured: Russell Oakes, the Club President (photo credit: Tracy Oakes)   Wittenberg Sportsmen’s Club accepted my request to introduce this project to their members, and on Wednesday November 7 at their monthly meeting,  I was met with warm welcome. My introduction to the project […]

Camp Kewanna

This wonderful copy of handbook for Camp Kewanna, a thriving Jewish boys’ summer camp from the early 20th century, came from resident Jane Farcona. Many of the houses along Gelnford-Wittenberg Road east of Pond Road were originally bungalows for this camp. It is hard to believe that there was an “Olympic-size” swimming pool right on […]

More Brush Needed

Someone had tossed green twigs in water after running out of the brush pile delivered by Highway Superintendent #yankeetownpond #yankeetownpondecosystem A photo posted by @yankeetownpond on Jun 30, 2015 at 9:02pm PDT Looks like we need more brush for the beaver to rebuild the dam with!

Beaver Dam Update

During our Saturday “Meet the Artist,” I was informed that the pile of brush was brought in by the Highway Superintendent for the resident beaver to use in rebuilding the dam. Some of the residents threw the brush into water to make it accessible to the beaver. Sunday brought heavy rain, so I was wondering if the branches […]

“Meet the Artist” turns “Meet the Neighbors”

    June 20th was “Meet the Artist” day. I had sent out 38 invitations to residents around the pond, and along Pond Road, to join me at the canoe landing site. This seemingly simple project had unintentionally struck the nerve of some residents, largely due to the ongoing discussion over the hunting use of surrounding New York City-owned land, […]